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Learn Spanish in Argentina

Learn Spanish in Argentina

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Acexplore is a young and dynamic agency devoted to the provision of services related to cultural exchange. We contribute to the improvement of the participant’s education and training by promoting experiences abroad. Our focus is on sharing the advantages of multicultural experiences in a globalized world.

The agency was established in September 2013 and it is part of the WYSE family. Over the years we have been involved in recruiting students to study, to work and to live abroad by means of diferent programs.

Our team is made up by highly qualified professionals who have already gone through diferent travel experiences and can share the unique adventure of traveling.

It is for this reason that we can give accurate information, provide proactive input and we are also used to acting swiftly on our own responsibilities. From our headquarters in Buenos Aires, we provide advice to the candidates during the application process, such as preparing documents, planning initial meetings with the host families, employers or schools, organizing the trip, helping with formalities to obtain the visa, among others.

We praise ourselves for providing personalized support and attention in order to meet every candidate’s needs.


Au Pair program in the USA, France,
Germany, China, Austria, England, Holland and Switzerland
Work and Study in Ireland and Malta
Work and Travel in the USA
Internships in Spain, the USA and Germany
Language courses in diferent countries

We work together along with a foreign network of agencies, partners, schools and
organizations from abroad, and as an important step to boost innovation and promote our business growth, we would like to tell you a little bit more about our new program called ExplorARG®

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We’re excited you’re here! Submitting this application is the first step toward an
unforgettable adventure in Argentina.
Very soon we¨ll contact you!


    Have you heard about the Hornocal -the 14 coloured mountains in the national route 40 in the north-; the Iguazú Falls -one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and a Natural Heritage of Mankind-; the 7 lakes road in Patagonia or the Perito Moreno Glacier in the deep south?

    Can you picture yourself tasting the best Malbec in Mendoza while you ride your bike from one vineyard to another? How do you feel about being part of this crazy, loving country where families gather every Sunday for lunch and you kiss pretty much everybody – one peck, right cheek to right cheek- when you greet them and when you say goodbye?

    is a program especially designed
    for those curious, adventurous souls who love to experience the real culture when they visit a new country and enjoy living like locals

    Through this immersive experience you will not only live like an Argentinian and improve your Spanish skills, but also get familiar with the Argentine slang. Spanish in Argentina comes with its own slew of unique phrases which are not taught in Spanish class!

    You will be welcomed into the home of a loving host family of your own choice that will show you their local customs and way of life. You can stay with them for one, two or three months. You will teach them your native language (English, German, Italian or French) in a fun and informal way for 15 hours weekly, and the rest of the time will be yours to explore as you wish!

    If you prefer the urban, cosmopolitan way of life, you can choose a Buenos Aires, Córdoba or Rosario based family. And if you are more into the town lifestyle experience, you can choose a small city or one of those cozy towns where everybody takes a siesta right after lunchtime and everything is just five minutes away. It’s up to you!

    In exchange for your language lessons, your host family will provide you with accommodation and meals. You will enjoy popular dishes such as milanesas, empanadas, tartas, mates with medialunas and, of course, asado!

    They will be happy to show you around town and introduce you to their friends and extended family. You will have the opportunity to engage in activities with young Argentinians and have some fun doing yoga, taking dance classes, attending art & music events, road trips, theatre plays, previas, parties and much more!

    You can also take part in volunteering experiences in projects linked to social development with an impact on vulnerable populations, where you will not only contribute with your knowledge to the local community but also improve your Spanish skills by sharing with others.

    Why Argentina?

    Besides the landscapes, the nightlife, the food and the trips, the most valuable thing you will get from Argentina comes in the shape of the bonds you will most certainly create. It is all about the getting together around the table, caring more about the conversation rather than the food, the ever-lasting after meal talk that mirrors friendship and love, and the hug that comes to you when you need it the most – and when you don’t.

    Perhaps that’s the reason why Argentinians are eager for adventure and travel around the world but always come back to their roots. If you wonder what you will take from this country, the answer will be friendship, family and the warm feeling of getting away but always longing to return. We are sure this doesn’t happen everywhere in the world.


    • R Enjoy a life-changing cultural experience
    • R Stay with a caring host family
    • R Travel on a low budget
    • R Gain Teaching Experience
    • R Learn a New Language
    • R Be Part of a Travel Community
    • R Live Like a Local


    live likea a local:

    This year, your vacations will escalate to another level. You will find yourself on an exciting trip tailored just for you. A local host family will be thrilled to show you around, telling you about the culture and making you feel like one of them. You will experience our traditional cuisine. We encourage you to get involved with the local community and meet as many locals as possible!


    Language immersion programs are the best way to become fluent in another language. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you pick up new vocabulary and gain confidence when you live abroad (and even pick up some slang words!). Use on a daily basis what you have learned over the years. You will have some Spanish classes per month to help you in every aspect that you may need!


    Spanish classes, yoga, bike tours, parties, asados, among other activities will be included in your program when visiting Argentina!


    Living in another country is a life-changing experience, and you will definitely feel diferent once you return home. The friends you’ll make in this experience will last forever! You might get yourself a new partner for your next adventure!


    If you’ve ever thought of becoming a teacher as your future career, having the experience of doing so in another country while traveling will be something nobody could ignore in your resume! You will be giving your host family 15 hours of informal conversational language lessons to help them improve their speaking skills. You can encourage creative and fun conversation to make your host family feel comfortable communicating in another language with you! We will provide you with a certificate of participation.


    You can check out glaciers, such as ‘Perito Moreno’ in Patagonia.
    Visit the mountains of the south and go skiing in Bariloche or trekking in the “Fitz Roy”.
    You can visit one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and Natural Heritage of Mankind: the Iguazú Falls.
    Enjoy the best wine tasting in Salta and Mendoza while riding a bike.
    Explore La Boca, San Telmo and Palermo, the iconic neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.
    You will discover that Buenos Aires isn’t the center of Argentina’s food scene. The “provincias” are the heart and home of the country’s prized ingredients and natural resources.
    You can learn the Argentine slang. You’ll get familiar with expressions such as hippie with OSDE, chamullero, boliche, previa, buenísimo, chavon, kilombo, re copado.
    You can learn to dance the world’s most romantic dance in its birthplace: Tango.
    You’ll experience the soccer passion of Argentinians.
    You will understand the euphoria of drinking mate while talking about your adventures with friends.
    You will enjoy nightlife with new friends (be ready to stay out really late, Argentinians don’t go to sleep before dawn!).
    Be always ready for a warm welcome everywhere you go! (even if you don’t know anybody!).


    Be at least 18 years old

    Be a high school graduate

    Native language:
    English, French, Italian or German

    Be able to share your native language with your hosts for 15 hours a week

    Be open-minded, curious and adaptable to the new culture

    Be eager to learn Argentine Spanish


    Register at ExplorARG®´s Website or with your local agency

    Get to know about the program

    ENROLL Pay your commitment fee

    INTERVIEW Tell us about yourself

    Meet the Argentine families

    Choose your ideal host family

    CONFIRM Travel dates.


    An affordable life-changing experience
    30 DAYS
    U$ 1,399.00
    60 DAYS
    U$ 1,499.00
    90 DAYS
    U$ 1,699.00
    U$ 19.00

    What does the program include?

    • R Language interview
    • R Spanish classes focused on speaking and listening, with teachers who attend to your personal goals
    • R Opportunities to connect with local different languages learners
    • R Host family accommodation with breakfast and dinner included
    • R Group cultural and recreational activities (yoga, bike tours, parties, asados)
    • R Pick up from the airport and transfer to your host family
    • R Pre-arrival support, orientation, and help from our team in Argentina whenever you need it
    • R Welcome kit!

    Contact us

    We’re excited you’re here! Submitting this application is the first step toward an
    unforgettable adventure in Argentina.
    Very soon we¨ll contact you!

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